Fargus ‘Fargie’ Ettlebens

Human technician



Fargus (Fargie) Ettlebens is a 21 year-old human tinkerer from Teth. His father Fillip (Fil) was a miner and gambler who disappeared when Fargie was five years old. His mother Van raised the boy by herself afterwards. When asked, Van says that Fil ran off because of his debts, but Fargie has a hunch that Fil met a worse fate than that. After Fil’s disappearance Van ‘danced’ to make money and support her son. Although Fargie also guesses that his mother did a lot more than ‘dance’ to help support the two, it is something they have never fully discussed, nor is it something either of them wishes to talk about. Fargie showed an amazing aptitude for tinkering with old discarded mechanical junk as a youngster who often found ‘toys’ in the trash. Van supported and encouraged Fargie’s interests, and by the age of eight he was able to fix small neighbourhood machinery for extra cash. By the age of twelve he was essentially running a small business from home, and between the two of them Fargie and Van managed to scrape by for several years in upper-class squalor (i.e. still stuck in the industrial ghetto, but in a small, generally safe, mostly apartment).

As Fargie turned sixteen, the family’s fortunes seemed to turn around. Van met a man named Gareth. Gareth is a well-polished ‘businessman’ who met Van through happenstance. One quickly gets the sense that Gareth is into some seedy stuff, but he’s also a relatively decent man. Van and Gareth hit it off, and within a year they moved in together, Fargie in tow. At this point Van and Fargie lived in Gareth’s quarters in a large apartment complex. They began to know a new life of comforts and security (sometimes very heavy security…). Gareth has always treated Van right, and she doesn’t ask too many questions about what Gareth doesn’t want to talk about. She and Fargie never know about the details of Gareth’s work, and Gareth makes sure none of it comes home. Gareth has even helped indulge Fargie’s interests, supplying him with equipment and access to some training. While not attempting to ever be an actual father-figure to Fargie, Gareth has acted as more of a benefactor for the boy.

Fargie has recently been asking Gareth more questions. He knows Gareth is connected to a large network of ‘friends,’ but he’s still not exactly sure who they are. Fargie really wants to get off of Kessel and see the galaxy. He’s especially motivated to seek out new mechanisms and technological wonders and push his skills to the limit. Not only is Fargie interested in machinery and electronics, he has an aesthetic appreciation for a beautiful machine. Gareth has recently come through, securing Fargie not only a ship (a fixer-upper YT-1300 base model; one that is safe and runs but needs some serious elbow grease to be more than a flying parts-box) but also enough tools to strike out on his own as a freelancer. There is a catch, though: Fargie owes Gareth big time. Not only does he owe a huge debt in credits, but also a number of favours for Gareth’s arranging everything. Gareth made sure Fargie was serious about getting into this life before delivering the goods, made clear that they will now share a business relationship, and also that Van doesn’t need to know a thing.

Fargie does have a sense of morality and will avoid harming innocents whenever possible. He figures he’s in for some shady stuff through Gareth, but nothing too sinister. Recovering some lost objects? Perhaps. Repairing some things that need fixed quickly and quietly? Hopefully. Transporting some ‘things’ from one place to another in an unmarked ship? Expected. The fact is that everyone needs to make decisions and live with the consequences. Fargie doesn’t want to harm the innocent. But gunning down someone who has it coming? That’s a different story. He knows he wants to get out and see new people and places; Gareth is providing that opportunity in exchange for services. Fil probably deserved what he got when he disappeared. Fargie, by contrast, wants to appear, to be someone, to make decisions. Everyone chooses how to live their lives, even those who choose to do nothing at all.

Allies, Acquaintances and Enemies:


Brian Smigwitch (Male Human, age 60ish)
Brian is a scrap dealer and gearhead from my old neighbourhood on Teth. When I was a young lad getting into tinkering, Brian was my main supplier for circuits, tools, and whatever I needed. He’s a really nice chap (though oddly xenophobic) and he taught me lots of tips and tricks for tinkering around with machines and electronics. We’ve kept in touch at least a little over the years, and he’d probably help me out if I were in a jam. I would certainly help Brian out too if he were in trouble. I see him almost like an uncle.

Eldon Meierkemp (Male Human, age 22)
Eldon and I grew up in the same neighbourhood. We became friends as children, and we still keep in touch fairly regularly. Eldon was always more interested in flying starships than tinkering with machines, but we share a desire to get out and see more of the galaxy. We’ve gotten up to some shenanigan in the past and we still like to go out drinking together when the opportunity presents itself. Currently, he’s an assistant pilot with Starline Freighters, doing runs on the Formos-Syvris line. For the most part he’s kept his nose clean…other than his penchant for avabush spice when he can get his hands on it.


Stephanie Varalius (Female Human, age 20)
I got to know Stephanie somewhat by accident. She’s the daughter of a regional councillor (Figus Varalius) on Teth with a bit of a wild side. As a teenager she liked to wander the rundown areas and party with ‘bad boys.’ One night she got caught up in the middle of a dispute between some of these guys at the Electronic Gigolo. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and managed to get her out the backdoor before anything too crazy happened. After that she started to have feeling for me but I didn’t reciprocate: I knew it was just another bad boy crush (albeit I wasn’t really that bad), and that it would end poorly. She didn’t react well to that, and our relations remain somewhat strained because of it. Despite that issue, she’s certainly not an enemy, and she might be able to arrange some favours for a cost.

Beel (Male Rodian, middle-aged)
One of the first jobs I did for Gareth was to help Beel out of a jam. Some parts on his ship were in need of some quiet repairs, and he didn’t want it leaving the private, out-of-the-way hanger it was in. While I was conducting the repairs, he also had me install some minor upgrades, as well as do a few errands on the side. (I got the feeling he wanted to stay out-of-sight, but I didn’t ask stupid questions.) Beel was quite happy with the work I did and with the extra help on the side. He gave me a contact channel where I could reach him if I want some work on the side. He also told me if I never needed help finding someone (for a price) to contact him.


Bhol’ja (Male Trandoshan, age 30ish)
Bhol’ja is a pain in the ass. He runs with a gang on Teth called the Bulletheads. They’re mostly small time thugs, but word has it they’ve been into some bigger things as of late. A few years back Bhol’ja came to my shop, wanting some modifications done to his hoverbike. I wasn’t too keen, but I decided it would be easier to do the work than to refuse. I put a few good days into tweaking the hover drive and installing a hidden blaster in the front. But, when Bhol’ja came to collect, he showed up with some of his goons: he took the bike and said he’d pay “later.” I tried to get the money out of him then, but that didn’t go over very well. After a couple of months of no payment – nor any sign it was ever going to come – I hunted him down one night. He was in a bar with his goons, so I highjacked his bike from outside. I drove it into a nearby alley and stripped it of anything I could get off quickly. While I don’t think anybody saw me, Bhol’ja suspects it was me, and there’s been bad blood ever since. Shortly after the encounter my mother and I moved in with Gareth, so Bhol’ja hasn’t made a move. I haven’t seen him too much in the last few years, but every now and then I see him if I’m wandering my old haunts on Teth.

Fargus ‘Fargie’ Ettlebens

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