Kilamajig (K2-V7)



Short blocky hunk of metal on wheels.
Homemade robot of questionable quality
Aspires to be the best assassin bot it can be, despite its shortcomings “why did you make me this way, creator!?”

Creator refers to him as K2-V7.
Overall pissed-off-ness for the quirkiness and shoddiness of the job he did when making me. I must be some kind of cruel joke! He wasn’t satisfied enough in my creation to have be be a security droid and left me to wander the compound while he started on my successor.

Killamajig fled his home planet, leaving his creator for dead.
I had decided I had had enough, as my creator had clearly made my inadequate, probably as some cruel joke. One night I shot him in his bed while he was sleeping. He screamed out and fell out of the bed towards me, so I shot him again. He stopped making sound, so he is hopefully dead. I didn’t hear any alarms go off, but I was careful to leave the planet, so I ‘gonked’ my way onto a shipping vessel and haven’t looked back.

Allies, Acquaintances, Enemies:


Jarahh Garhelt (Female Human)
My friendly repairwoman on Teth in the city of Univari


Clars’nilim (Male Twi’lek)
My contact for jobs. Shopkeeper on Teth in the city of Outer Teth, but has greymarket contacts in Inner Teth, Outer Teth and Tethor and Agorium. Has some down-the-link connections with the Hutt via Malfutta on Teth and Mos Eisley on Tatooine.


Kitbev (Male Wookie) on Jaminere
Crackpot inventor. My creator
As for him being a quack or crazy, he’s a hermit Wookie inventor on an industrial planet. Just a mad engineer. I don’t know his plans, I don’t know if the killbots are intended to be a personal security system, or a contract for someone.

K2-V9 (Droid) [Hunting for me. Currently somewhere]
Character not aware of this robot, but it is the 2nd killbot Yorgald has made since K2-V7. Hunting to retrieve me.

Kilamajig (K2-V7)

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