Star Wars (EotE): Tales from the Fringe

Teth to Tatooine - the Gundark Rides Again!
Prelude: Smuggling to Mos Shuuta

Last time, Fargie received a mission from Gareth: bring a large container to Mos Shuuta…a container large enough to potentially contain a biological.

Fargie employs Killamajig’s services as extra muscle, seeing as how Killamajig owes Fargie a pile of credits due to a bad cred stick.

Fargie and Killamajig start to get to know each other…though things go poorly. K.J. tries to hack the door to the captain’s quarters and is caught, and both of them think seriously about chopping the other up and selling them for parts.

They drop out of hyperspace near Tatooine.


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