On the Edge:

War. War is opportunity. Sure you could join a side. Put on the white, hard-shell of the indoctrinated Galactic Empire and be allowed fewer free thoughts than a droid with a restraining bolt. Or you could get all up-and-mighty throw on some Rebel colors and blast your way to democracy as your friends and family are fed one-by-one to Imperial interrogators.

Call me opportunistic. Call me selfish. Call me a scoundrel. I call myself smart. On the fringes of war there is always need of the middleman. Walking or sneaking or whatever is required in between the powerplayers. War is never black and white like the holo-media portrays it. Its gray, messy and highly profitable for those with the wherewithal to take calculated risks. And who knows, once the dust settles, you could be looking at the next big guy in the Galactic ebb and flow of things. On the edge of the Empire, you see, anything can… and will, happen.

Play your cards right, keep you blaster close to hand and I bet a night of winnings from Otto’s sabbac table that we could astronavigate ourselves to fame, fortune and become that highly sought out friend that everyone wants to be on the best side of here out on the Fringe. People forget what the fringe is: its uncivilized and unknown. But to the opportunistic man, that’s clay to be molded into whatever his mind can imagine. My hands are willing and I’m an imaginative man with big, big dreams and big, big plans. So, look out Outer Rim, move aside Hutts and pirates, explorers and smugglers, here I come. Star burning bright!

Star Wars (EotE): Tales from the Fringe

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