Star Wars (EotE): Tales from the Fringe

Down the Alley...some more!

We made it about another 100m down the alley and killed three more Gamorreans. Some man I’ve seen before (but I can’t remember where) popped around a corner and helped us fry some bacon. I wonder who he is?

Down the Alley!

Fargie and K2-V7 ran a few hundred feet down the alley and killed three more Gamorreans. The backup hyperdrive is down, so the plan right now is to get back into the ship (being checked out by the Hutt-lady) and rocket off to a different settlement to get hyperdrive parts. Let’s see what happens!

Oops - Fargie forget to update the journal!
Shootout on the Streets

Fargie exited the Cantina with the Gamorreans. Luckily, KM-1 was outside and got the drop on those walking piles of bacon, frying their chops. Fargie and KM-1 also ambushed a couple Gamorreans coming back to check on the others. No sign yet of anyone else, or that foxy-looking Hutt servant. Time to check out the back alleys and get ourselves a hyperdrive.

To the Cantina! (I'm thirsty, and this place sucks!)

Fargie and Killamajig successfully walked to the cantina, albeit while wandering around a murder in the streets. After casing the joint, Fargie had his meeting with Teemo’s lady while Killamajig watched the place from outside. K-M noticed someone hiding in the shadows and himself hid as a garbage can. Fargie was told some ominous things by Teemo’s lady and is now being led off to the cells….

Landing on Tatooine
The Bickering Begins!

While trying to land on Tatooine, Fargie is rudely interrupted by Killamajig’s idiotic attempt to alter…or open, that stupid bio-crate!

After some conflicts, the crane is partially busted, and the hyperdrive starter thing-a-ma-doo is busted all to hell. Also, Killamajig discovered some secret data through the bio-crate…or it tried to communicate. Whatever.

We’re off to a meeting in the Cantina to meet the contacts…hopefully this idiot doesn’t get me killed.

Teth to Tatooine - the Gundark Rides Again!
Prelude: Smuggling to Mos Shuuta

Last time, Fargie received a mission from Gareth: bring a large container to Mos Shuuta…a container large enough to potentially contain a biological.

Fargie employs Killamajig’s services as extra muscle, seeing as how Killamajig owes Fargie a pile of credits due to a bad cred stick.

Fargie and Killamajig start to get to know each other…though things go poorly. K.J. tries to hack the door to the captain’s quarters and is caught, and both of them think seriously about chopping the other up and selling them for parts.

They drop out of hyperspace near Tatooine.


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